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The History of Hotel El Castillo

The hotel was originally Seboruco Castle, or more precisely, Castillo Seboruco de Santa Bárbara. The castle/fort was built in 1739 on the 40m high plateau (ancient marine terrace) of the Seboruco Hill, in the south east part of the cape. It was endowed with heavy modern artillery for the better defense of the area during the War of Jenkins' Ear, when the English navy threatened Cuba.

Between 1854 and 1868 various alterations were made to it and in 1898, during the North American occupation, it was used for the accommodation of those troops. Then by order of the interventionist governor of the island, Leonard Wood, some enlargements were made to it which were completed in 1900.

1905 Steps to Castillo Seboruco
Photo taked in 1905 at the start of the ascent to the Castillo Seboruco.

c.1909 Castillo SeborucospacerEl Castillo Guns and Steps
The left photo, which just shows some detail of the Castillo Seboruco, was taken when a huge early Marconi wireless tower existed on the Punta which was known to be there between 1908 and 1909, and probably much longer. The right photo is the guns and steps as they are in 2006.

At times the castle was used as a prison.

In 1915 the name of Castillo Seboruco was changed to Castillo Sangüily, in memory of the General Sangüily of the liberating army.

Hotel El Castillo was built on the site, and formerly opened on 31st December 1979.

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